PrimeTrade NW Using ITEX for Health and WellnessHow To Use ITEX Currency for Health & Wellness

The cost of insurance as well as preventative health and wellness is continually on the rise. It’s a challenge to keep up with.

There are many different ways you can help defray the costs of Health & Wellness. There are Health Savings Accounts or HSA’s that you can put your money into that are tax deductible and if they are made through a payroll deduction are also not taxed. Having no insurance is also an option but you have to pay the penalty for that. If your employer offers benefits, then they might not be as good as they were before because of the higher insurance premiums which means less options of coverage and quality of service.

How ITEX Can Help You Out

Thanks to ITEX and the ITEX Marketplace you are no longer faced with having to not options or coverage. There are plenty of ITEX members who are health and wellness service providers. These services include vision, dentistry, chiropractic care, and more. You can make your business thrive and your employees happy by offering them these types of services through ITEX.

How does this work? It’s simple.

Just let your employees use your ITEX account. Then, keep records of the services used for the employees. Your insurance costs will be manageable and your employee benefits will be enhanced since they can now get the care they need at a price you both can afford. (ATTENTION: Make sure you clear this with your CPA to see if these are taxable income to the employee or if they are HR Investments by the business.)

This is a great way to take care of your employees and to make use of your ITEX dollars. If an employee doesn’t need the services, you’ve lost nothing but have gained their assurance that you’ll take care of them.

There are plenty of businesses that offer incentivized programs to get their employees healthier – whether through weight-loss programs or through smoking cessation programs – that the employees can then be rewarded through ITEX dollars or the purchase of an ITEX item if they achieve their specified goal.

You can really up your health & wellness game with ITEX!